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Deceased Estate Statement

Posted by Sasha0z Sasha0z
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I need to order a statement.  I can't do anything online which is mega issues already however when I ring, even though I speccifically mentioned that I would not ever answer my birth date as a security question I can't get past this.  It was agreed that my mother maiden name would be enough.


I work in an open office in a large company under intenxse scrutiny and cutbacks...  I am 55 years old and female.  And you wish me to tell all and sundry in case they are looking for reasons to let people go?


Politically correct it may not be,  however the fact is, if you are known to be old(er) there are workplace implications.


Given that I also work 12 hours a day I guess my only option is to transact all banking to Thursday nights and Saturday morning when I can drive ten kms to my nearest branch..   or just move everything to ING


so...  I need to know if any of the account numbers on this pan end in 3624. (bsb306104)


I have received a notice from a sale of shares that states there were funds deposited addressed to the estate however I do not recognise the Account number.    These share are bequeathed to my grandchildren and I need to pass the funds on if it was deposited in the estate accounts.


I also would like a statement.  I can't see it online and even though I give my access code it is not enough to get someone to talk to me.

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Re: Deceased Estate Statement

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Posted by thewinchester thewinchester
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@Sasha0z: The bank needs to be able to verify who you are. Dates of birth are one of many data points Banks and other insitituions dealing in sensative information use to confirm that the person on the end of the phone is the authorised person.


If you work in an office or public environment, and you're concerned about people overhearing your call, simply find somewhere private like a meeting room or similar when you can make that call and share the data.


Also, I'd be pretty confidient that your employer already knows how old you are - by virtue of your employee files they would rightly keep, and that's before we talk about employment and discrimination law in respect of age discrimination. So really, I think you're overstating your concern there about having to provide information that confirms your identity.


Secondly, the Bankwest forum mods (i.e. @LyndsC@SarahF et al) will confirm that they can't give out this kind of information over a forum channel to support you with your question - because of privacy and security issues.


They will chime in on this thread very soon no doubt, because they may be able to have someone from the bank reach out to you at a suitable time to assist you - presuming they can verify your identity - so that you can get the help or assistance you need with this question.

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Re: Deceased Estate Statement

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Posted by LyndsC LyndsC
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Thanks @thewinchester for getting involved on the forum to help other customers get the infomration they're needing.


@Sasha0z While I can certainly understand where you're coming from, this is something we may ask as a part of our security measures. For security reasons we can't access or discuss any personal account information over the Forum so we would need to speak with you over the phone or as you mentioned in a Bankwest store to assist with your enquiry.


if you're uncomfortable with the ID process while at work, our Contact Centre is available to assist 7 days a week between the hours of 8am and 8pm (local time for the state your calling from) on 13 17 19. 

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