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What should I do in this situation?

Posted by username101 username101
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Bankwest customer attempting to do something as simple as update my phone number (to login to my account, check balance, pay card, avoid interest/late fee charges)
The result: a long phone call with two different people, way more questions then any other bank, a lecture about security, being told to come into a Branch (limited in Western Sydney) and still can't login. DO NOT RECOMMEND
During the last couple of days I've attempted to update my phone number for my bank cards in order to view my account, pay of any credit and just basically use any online services provided
*Major Non Bankwest Bank #1*
- Called them up to update number, approx. call length - 1min
- Asked for my card number, an example of a current payee on my address book, two security questions
- Verified, number changed, all sweet
*Major Non Bankwest Bank #2*
- Same deal, call length approx. 2min
- Same questions asked (minus payee example). Done, verified, number updated
*When I called Bankwest (5-10min call)*
- At the moment cannot login to app, website or internet phone banking. Cannot check balance to pay off card and can't use card either
- Called them to update number so I can be resent secure code
- First person I called, asked me:
-- Full name
-- Personal client number or card number (I didn't have the PAN ready so I said I didn't have it. 1min later I looked it up on my login page, asked if I could now declare, was told "not to worry now")
-- Asked if I had any direct debits coming from account
-- Asked if I had any other accounts linked
-- Asked (the person even joked, "I know this is ridiculous but..") do I know the exact date of when I joined Bankwest??
-- Few more questions that I can't recall but were all answered
*I was then transferred to another person because I could not be verified with no explanation as to why, what the procedure was despite answering all questions except "what was the exact date I joined"*
- Next person went through even more questions which I answered
- The Bankwest representative then proceeded to say I would not be verified, to just come into a Branch (in Western Sydney?? where they are either closed indefinitely or not open on Sunday)
- I politely asked why I needed to go to a branch, confused at the fact that I called as instructed by the app, had been approved by two major banks (both int'l and Australia) with less/ not ridiculous questions like Bankwest who even admitted it was ridiculous and it wasn't possible for me to come in a provide ID to verify my identity
- This person quite passively aggressively started lecturing me on security procedures to verify (not consistent with any other banks) without telling me what info I needed to get verified on the phone or any explanation as to what happened or any sort of empathy despite the situation and being on the phone for so long. I told her I live in Western Sydney and she said just go into a branch
Given I am still locked out I am sure I am potentially being charged interest charges, potential late fees and + effect on my credit score due to an inability to access my account as a direct result of the above .
Maybe this is a direct tactic of the bank? Or just plane incompetence ?
Or the new strategy given the closures of Bankwest branches in Sydney and the "move to digital" which is ironic given my experience as a digital customer myself has been so below par compared to other banks and the procedure above shows that any customer trying to make the digital transition are potentially going to struggle, with the final solution being to "go to a branch" (that don't exist, are closed permanently and not in line with this "going digital" strategy)
I initially joined Bankwest because of competitive rates. After this I will be looking to close my account as soon as possible and tell others not to join
Still can't resolve my issue
From the Bankwest website since 2017 29 Branches have been closed including the one in my area.
From what I can see on the website there are 4 in Sydney/Outer Sydney (Liverpool, Parramatta, Hurstville, CBD - this one is closed all weekend) and one in Erina/Gosford
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Re: What should I do in this situation?

Posted by DanaeC DanaeC
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Hey @username101, I believe I have just replied to your Facebook posts regarding this.

It sounds as though the details you provided over the phone didn't match with what we hold on file for you. I can understand why you would be frustrated with this situation, though our ID procedures are in place to protect the security of your accounts and to prevent them from being accessed by anyone other than yourself or authorised account holders.


If you are unable to be identified then there are no changes that can be made to your customer profile. We have a duty of care to protect not only your funds, but also your personal information. If we can't verify your identity, then a hold is placed on any access to your accounts until we are able to do so. I do understand that being asked to visit a branch is not always ideal, though this is required so that ID can be sighted and any necessary information updated.


As advised, we will be in contact tomorrow to see how we may be able to assist further.


Thank you.

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