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Transaction exporting from online banking - authorisation only transactions

Posted by jasonb jasonb
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Hey guys,


I love the simplicity of your online banking but there's one constant irritation for me! I'm hoping you can shed some light on if there's an option to turn it off (or otherwise put it in as what should be a simple feature request!).

"Authorisation only" transactions displayed in the transaction listing of my credit card are a great way to see what's been spent on the card before it actually all clears (which can take 1-7 days), but not so useful when these transactions are exported (to a QIF or similar file). Once a week or so I export transactions into my personal budget software to make sure everything's in there. These "Authorisation only" transactions really mess things up because:

1. When I come back and do it again next week and the transaction has cleared, it is recognised as a new transaction (and I have to manually fix this, which is a pain)

2. Some merchants will regularly put an authorisation through, either a small one like $1 to validate credit card details, or in the case of a hotel or something a security bond, with no intention of ever clearing the transaction, but it still shows up as money spent until the authorisation disappears.

3. Foreign currency transactions will authorise based on the exchange rate at the time it was authorised, but clear at the rate when it clears a few days later, which means that the final amount can be off by a few cents (or dollars if it was a really big transaction); which again is a pain when trying to deal with things imported twice.


The easy solution would be to only export transactions which are actually cleared and finalised, or at least have a simple checkbox to do only this. It may be that this already exists and I just haven't managed to find it in my searching in which case I'd appreciate it if someone can point out where it is! Otherwise if this could be put as a request to your online banking developers I'd appreciate it (I can't imagine it would be too difficult to put an extra filter in the query that generates the output files)






Re: Transaction exporting from online banking - authorisation only transactions

Posted by LyndsC LyndsC
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Hi @jasonb, thanks for the suggestion. We love to receive feedback from our customers. I have passed this onto our development team to look into.

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Re: Transaction exporting from online banking - authorisation only transactions

Posted by PeteW PeteW
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Thanks again for the feedback @jasonb - plenty of detail which is great and I know our dev team appreciate it too. And I totally agree, would be a great improvement.


In the meantime though, while not a perfect solution (and you've probably tried it already) you could; export as CSV, remove the 'Authorisation Only' lines of data (they're always at the top so easy to find), then recalculate the numbers. Or I assume you can upload the updated data set to your personal budget software to calculate it easily.


Would love to get more feedback form you about other services of ours you use!

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Re: Transaction exporting from online banking - authorisation only transactions

Posted by michaelfromoz michaelfromoz
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Jason and Pete,


Well I see that it is now a year since Jason raised the issue of 'authorisation only' transactions within exports and I have tripped over it too. Is there a time frame for addressing it?


Having recently come across from another bank and successfully used their export facility for my own budget purposes (as per Jason) for some years and still do, I have the same issue plus a couple of other little niggles about the export facility.



Another approach: Does your keywords option have an inbuilt 'NOT' facility where I could include NOT 'Authorisation only' to exclude those transactions?



You export debits and credits as seperate columns, and yet you export the debits as negative numbers. If there was just the single column for debits and credits I would understand but as a separate column it should really export as a positive number. Because of this logic, I have to multiple all the BW debit values by -1 to correct them so they integrate with my existing spreadsheet, which I can surmount with some excel coding but I thought that I would make the point.



It would be useful for the inclusion of a date range that matched a statement date range rather than me have to check the statement and enter it manually.



I note that when comparing my latest statement and transaction export, the dates of some export transactions are different from the dates in the statement transactions. That shouldn't happen should it? 



This is a great feature but I have to keep trying to remember (old age) which fields I use. What about the system remembering what I selected last time or even saving a configuration for an export?


I look forward to hearing from you.



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