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Recent Transaction Dispute

Posted by kiera kiera
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Recently I lodged two seperate transaction dispute to the Bankwests email address. I had called Bankwest earlier the day that I lodged the first dispute form and the gentleman I spoke to was very helpful. He cancelled my card and re-issued me a new one in order to prevent foregin transactions in the future. 


About 5 days after my card had been cancelled and a new one was issued to me, I have received a portion of the money from my dispute form, the payments that I received back into my bank account didn't match what the initial transactions were and I was just curious if this is normal? 


Roughly about the same day that I received some of the money back into my account I realised that there were still foreign transactions taking place, even after my old card had cancelled. I then lodged a new transaction dispute form via email and have not since heard anything in regards to it.


I have just been checking my bank accounts again today and there are STILL foreign transactions happening? They are only between $1.00-$3.00 but that is besides the point. I'm not sure what they are for and the description on the online banking is actually 'Foreign Transaction'. Why is this still happening after a new card has been issued? If this continues, I am going to have to cancel my credit card account all together. 


If someone could please have a further look into this matter and possibly give me some further information on what's happening, that would be fantastic.


Kind Regards

Kiera Holden

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Re: Recent Transaction Dispute

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Posted by DanaeC DanaeC
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Hi @kiera, thanks for your enquiry. For security reasons we aren't able to view your accounts via the Forum, however it sounds like the new charges your are referring to may be "Foreign Transaction Fees".


This fee is charged when a purchase is made overseas, or using an international merchant (ie a website used for online shopping) and is 2.95% of the total transaction. You can read more about this fee here.

In relation to the refund received, can I confirm if the amounts were originally debited in an international currency? If so, the rate that will be applied to your transactions is that which is applicable for the day the transaction is processed - which may not be the day that the transaction was actually initiated or the day that it is finalised on your account. This means that you could receive a higher, or lesser amount than that of what was originally paid, and refers to purchases, and refunds. This information is available via the Credit Card Conditions of Use Booklet.

If you would like to have this looked into and obtain further information relating to your specific case, you will need to speak with our Contact Centre. You can login to Online Banking from a PC and select the "Chat Now" button at the bottom of your screen between 7am – 6pm AWST Monday – Friday for assistance with this. Alternatively, you can call 13 17 19 between 8am - 8pm your local time, 7 days a week. Thank you.

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