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Map issues: Fixing ATMs and Branches in the wrong place

Posted by thewinchester thewinchester
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So, this has been a persistant bug bear of mine for a while now - with the Find Your Location maps both online and in the mobile apps giving out entirelly wrong information.


From sending someone to the wrong part of the shopping centre, to sending someone to the entirelly wrong street - the position data for ATM's and branches is poorly maintained.


So here's my contribution to hopefully get three around me fixed, for Joondalup WA 6027. A map is included below to show where they need to move to.


  1. Joondalup Store (ATM and Branch)
    Need to be moved to Position 1. The map currently puts the branch in the middle of a Kmart, and the ATM puts it on top of a Wendy's outlet.
  2. Lakeside Shop Ctr 1
    Needs to be moved to Position 2. Map has it just outside one of three Wizard Warehouse Pharmacies located in this centre, when it's actually just outside the Western entrance, next door to David Evans Real Estate.
  3. Lakeside Shop Ctr 2
    Needs to be mosted to Position 3. Its current location has it at the old Branch located on Boas Avenue, that hasn't existed for a year after it moved into the centre. Position 3 puts it where it should be, which is right opposite the Information Desk in the Great Space.


If you have other examples of branches or ATM's in the wrong spot, post your examples to this thread. Some information that will no doubt help Bankwest fix it will include:

  • Suburb, state and postcode of where it's located.
  • Its name (you can get that from the Find your location page)
  • Any information that can help them move the marker to the right spot, such as description - or as i've done below, a screen cap of a map with some lines on it.


Location issues - Joondalup WA

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Re: Map issues: Fixing ATMs and Branches in the wrong place

Posted by cgm cgm
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Great post @thewinchester!  I've haven't noticed this issue myself, but I will be sure to keep an eye out now.

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Re: Map issues: Fixing ATMs and Branches in the wrong place

Posted by SarahF SarahF
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Hi @thewinchester, thanks for taking the time to start this thread and encourage other customers to do the same. This is certainly something our team are working on so this information is certainly appreciated. I've just passed this onto @JustinJ in our mobile app team as well as our Find us tool team. Thanks!

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Re: Map issues: Fixing ATMs and Branches in the wrong place

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Posted by thewinchester thewinchester
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And sticking with Joondalup WA 6027, the locations get even worse in the iPad and iOS apps Smiley Frustrated


Here's a screen shot of the iPad app today, which still shows the branch and the ATM at the wrong location, well over 12 months after they closed here and moved. The information displayed in the iPad app matches what is shown in the iPhone version (both v2.7.0).


Worse still, this suggests that the website mapping data, and the in-app mapping data are disconnected and aren't kept in constant sync. Meaning that if somethings fixed on the website, the app actually has its own in-app DB of locations, and that doesn't get updated until the next version release.


Is there any chance the mobile and mapping teams could get together, and change their approach to the mapping components so as to ensure customers always have the latest information, by seperating application updates from data updates?


This could come by way of a continious integration method, described in summary, which I've seen used in other banking apps (i.e. HSBC), as well as other apps which cache information sources for faster access and updates (i.e. public transport, mapping):


  1. Super-small mapping update file hosted on BWA website, which is updated automatically as and when adjustments are made to the main mapping data sets (or when changes are derrived from partner feeds and sources, i.e. the CBA ATM list - which is only shown in the mobile app).
  2. On load of the mapping feature within the mobile app, it asks the BWA website "My mapping data version is X. Do I have the latest version?". If the answer is yes, then it carries on its merry way and loads the find us screens.
  3. If the response is no, then
    a) Detect the customers network connection. If wifi, proceed to updating. If cellular only with data available - as user if they wish to update and proceed accordingly. If cellular only with no mobile data, then ignore and just load.
    b) it displays an appropriate message to the user (One moment, we're just updating the map with the newest locations),
    c) The app downloads this mapping file - which is actually a set of instructions to the app on what needs to be changed. This file and instructions should be kept super small
    d) The app It processes that file, updates its version number, then goes into the Find us interface.


Branch & ATM's in wrong location - Mobile app.png

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