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Internal Transfer vs. Linked Account Transfer

Posted by brakai295 brakai295
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As a customer who moved to Bankwest from ANZ what always really annoyed me (and still does) is the fact that there are two different types of internal transfers. While I (now) understand the difference between an Internal Transfer and a Linked Account Transfer I still get confused when I try to move money between my accounts. I always eventually have to click around a little bit to see which one it is I need to use.


This is a classic example of a business-led design decision (how the bank thinks) instead of a consumer-led design decision (how the customer thinks). From a consumer's point of view it should not matter what type of transfer it is. It should all just be an option under 'Internal Transfer'.


As a web designer myself I can think of numerous ways of solving this problem and making the process a lot less confusing for the user. But ideally this limitation should not exist in the first place.


My suggestion, if it must exist: only have one section called Internal Transfers. If I can't move money from account a to account b, it should pop up a little message saying something like "Sorry, due to the nature of this account money can't be transferred from account a to account b directly." That's it! No separate section that requires me to make a decision before transferring money internally.


Please fix this.


Re: Internal Transfer vs. Linked Account Transfer

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Posted by SarahF SarahF
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Hi @brakai295 - I've just had a read of your post and can see where you're coming from in regards to internal transfer and linked account transfer. I'm going to share this with our online banking team as well as a few of our designers as I'm sure this is valuable feedback for them. I'm glad to hear that you've got an understanding of the differences between the two. For the benefit of others who may see your post I'm going to do a quick explanation Smiley Happy


Internal Transfer: This is where you can move money between your Bankwest accounts.


Linked Account Transfer: This is where you can move money from your Bankwest account (Savings) and to it's linked account. For some customers who opened their account a while ago, their linked account may not be a Bankwest account which is why this sits outside of an internal transfer.


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