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Export with Unique ID and possible API / Webhook options

Posted by mossengine mossengine
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I am looking at your export options in Personal Banking and would like to ask about some improvements/options to get more detail.


The current export appears to mostly have what I need, though, I want to track each transaction using a unique identifier and there appears to be none on the export. The only unqiue identifier I can make up would be the account details + date + debit/credit amount, this would suffice but could risk collision if I have identical transactions on the same date for the same amount. Can we please have a unique ID included?


Additionally, it would be nice to know the time that a transaction occurred if possible "Transaction Time". I am not sure how you process transactions but having the date and time of when the transaction was triggered would be helpful and more to this if its an authorisation then retaining this date and time through to the final transaction would be good as sometimes balancing transactions can look odd when the transaction is not on the same date as the actual interaction.


Lastly, I am a software developer and I can work with the export system but having access to an API endpoint for exporting would be much easier for me and especially if it can provide those extra details I desire. Do you have an API the public can use and a means to connect using tokens? If not API then possibly a webhook I can configure into my system to receive transactions as then appear?



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Re: Export with Unique ID and possible API / Webhook options

Posted by MegB MegB
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 Hey @mossengine, thanks for the great feedback regarding our online banking. I've passed this through to the team so they're aware this is something you'd like to have. 

At this stage, we don't have a public API/webhook I'm sorry. 

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