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Change PIN on app without entering "secure code" on phone

Posted by sLF450YGG2H sLF450YGG2H
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Before I ask my actual question, I couldn't see an option to search the forum then ask a question. I had to hit the back button several times after not finding an answer. I couldn't even see how to get back to the forum homepage from the search page. Surely that's the normal use case, or at least the one you want to encourage? Look at Stack Exchange, they make it very easy to search then ask (and in fact, impossible to ask without seeing the live search results).


Question: I have a secure code that is designed never to be typed - it's 24 random characters generated by a machine and pasted in via a password manager when I need it. At least, that's what happens on a desktop OS. On my phone that didn't work, so I had to manually type in 24 random characters. Which took more than a minute of hunting round in the on screen keyboard to find each unusual character one at a time. I was close to going online and changing the secure code to "password" just to save time.


Is there some way to set/reset the PIN for the app via the website? If not, please add one (or explain why that's not possible).



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Re: Change PIN on app without entering "secure code" on phone

Posted by JeremyL JeremyL
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Hi @sLF450YGG2H thank you for the feedback regarding our forum, we do appreciate it!


In regards to your question, we require our customers to enter their secure code only once in order to set-up PIN Login. Once this is done, your app will only request a PIN Login, whilst your Desktop will continue to request the secure code log-in (which you have mentioned prepopulates a 24 character code). As you're only required to enter your secure code once in order to create a PIN Login on the app, we don't pose this as a requirement for Online Banking to manage. I will however pass your feedback onto our Mobile App team to review and consider in the future. Thanks!


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