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BOB Enhancement request: Scheduled payments - List display, and expiry communications

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Posted by thewinchester thewinchester
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Hopefully this is a relatively simple enhancement which can be easily built into a near-term release.


This is two seperate, but related, enhancement requests; and is driven by me forgetting to update the expiry date on a scheduled payment for my rent. Mercifully not a problem, and easily fixed, but it's something I'd love some simple changes that'll help those in the same boat avoid this problem a little easier.


1) Scheduled Payments (/CMWeb/Payments/Pay/List.aspx) - Improve table display and information


Currently, the table looks something like this:



However, the table is a little hard to read due to the text density and default text size.


It would be great for the table to use some form of 'zebra striping', or at the very least a background highlight for the row that the mouse is currently over. This would improve readability and focus.


It also lacks some information which would be of value in the context of scheduled payments - specifically:


  • Frequency of payment (Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, etc)
  • Event of next payment
  • Expiry of scheduled payment

Could this information be added with one additional column, titled Frequency, with the information in the cell laid out as:



Scheduled (Frequency - i.e. Fortnightly)
Next payment on DD/MM/YYY
Expires on DD/MM/YY (Or never expires)


Failing that, improve and expand the information displayed in the Type column to be:

(Frequency - i.e. Fortnightly) (Payment type - i.e. BPay)
Next payment on DD/MM/YYY
Expires on DD/MM/YY (Or never expires)

2) Easy Alert - New alert type - Scheduled payment expiring soon (OR email notification)



This is easier to describe, being to add a new Easy Alert type, that notifies the user when a Scheduled payment is due to expire.


For example, when a payment is within seven (7) days of its expiry date, an Easy Alert could be sent to the customer saying:


Subject: Scheduled payment expiring
Message: Your (frequency - i.e. fortnightly) payment, named (narration),
is due to expire on DD/MM/YYYY. Login to Bankwest Online Banking if
you need to update the expiry date.


This would help people who use it for things which need to be pait on time (i.e. Rent, Bills, Mortgage) to remember to keep their scheduled payments active, to avoid any nasty calls.


If adding an Easy Alert isn't going to happen, then it would be great for an email, in the same vein and using a style similar to eStatement alerts, to be sent with similar information.

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Re: Enhancement request: Scheduled payments - List display, and expiry communications

Posted by LyndsC LyndsC
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Thanks for your feedback @thewinchester, as you know we are always looking for new ways to improve our online experience! I have passed these onto our online banking team to look into. Thanks!

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