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Recipient Name field

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Posted by Neil Neil
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Hi, I'm looking for a definitive and specific answer on exactly where the recipient name field is used in a "Pay Anybody" transaction; what are the actual consequences if it's wrong; and how accurate does it have to be.


The field i'm talking about is:

Payments & Transfers --> Manage Recipients --> Add --> It's called the "Name" field here.

Payments & Transfers --> Make a Payment --> appears as the text in the "Recipient" field here.


I have come across countless transactions over the years that have succesfully gone through despite having the WRONG name in the "Recipient" field, but the BSB and Account Number were correct, so we have no problem. For example, a spelling mistake, or a maiden name used after it's been changed for years, or even something completely unexplainably wrong, and the transaction still goes through. So I have my doubts that the recipient name is ACTUALLY used, despite what we are told. As long as the BSB and Account Number is correct, the transaction goes through to the correct person...


1. Is the recipient name field even SENT to the receiving bank? Yes/No ...are you SURE?

2. In my experience, the name is NOT automatically cross-checked with the name of the account holder on the other side for every transaction. There doesn't seem to be any flag raised by the transaction system if the name is wrong. So is it only checked by humans? when? only when the transaction is questioned? Ok then what? If there's a spelling mistake, or a maiden name or nickname used, what is the consequence? Is there some sort of dispute resolution procedure to decide what's ?

3. What if the correct name is there but other words are there too, like "Uncle John Smith"? or "John S in Melbourne"? or "JS & MS Joint Offset Account"?


I come from an IT background, so the fact that it doesn't have to be an "exact character match" and that a spelling mistake seems to be a non-issue makes the answer too "fuzzy" to me, and I want a more accurate answer.

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Re: Recipient Name field

Posted by DanaeC DanaeC
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Hi @Neil, thank you for your enquiry and for your patience whilst I have looked into this for you.

The technical rules for Pay Anybody payments are determined by the Australian Payments Network (APW) under the direct entry system. APW does not require any financial institution to cross-check names, but the BSB and account number must be verified. In verifying the BSB and account number, we comply with our obligations to APW.

The purpose of asking for the name of the recipient is for the sender's benefit to remind them of the correct BSB and account details for that recipient. It can also be used as an additional verifier to the BSB and account number in the event that a mistaken payment has been made. When you receive a Pay Anybody payment, you will also generally be able to see the sender's name as it is shown on their account (as we do receive this) in the narration field.

If we are provided with an incorrect BSB and account number, there is an industry standard for dealing with mistaken payments under the ePayments Code. For further information on how we comply this process, see the mistaken payments section of the Bankwest Account Access Conditions of Use (click here).

I hope this helps.

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