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Appalling loan process

Posted by MrNatural MrNatural
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I just had to share of how terrible my loan process was, and in the end I wasn't even eligible because the employee never checked the valuation of the car.


timeline is as follows:

1)apply for car loan

2)go through loan process

3)Call to enquire, guy I was talking with is on annual leave, others unsure of the application


4)i just go to the dealer directly, get loan through other bank that they work with


5)Because loan application was still in the system, Bankwest APPROACHED ME 5 months later, asking me whether I still want to go ahead

6)I say sure, if I pay less, guy says ABSOLUTELY! (calls me 'boss')

7)Give him ALL the details over three weeks, everything seems perfect

8)Waiting on approval

9)Get message from bank, they are saying the amount applied for isn't right(???), I ask them to change it to the correct amount.

10)Next day other guy calls, says your car is actually not valued for the amount(first thing that could have been checked perhaps???????)

11)I ask the guy I was dealing with initially, he replies 'oh yeah sorry my bad, how about unsecured loan though'(4-5% more than previous offer) ?

12)Offers me a deal with the EXACT SAME REPAYMENTS as my current one

13)Sitting in disbelief, thinking what the hell just happened


All in all, not a great experience, everyone seemed to be misinformed and the only guy who seemed to know what was going on was the guy who gives the approval and called me last:"Nah, that's not right, she should have asked you this and that. nah that's not right, he should have checked that before and so on"


I know nothing will probably come of this post but it needed to be shared.

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Re: Appalling loan process

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Posted by PeteW PeteW
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Sorry to hear of this experience you've had @MrNatural but thanks for sharing because it gives me the chance to have it addressed with the appropriate managers. I definitely understand your frustration, especially around the points you made about my colleagues not knowing what was happening with your application and/or not getting it sorted out quickly and smoothly for you.


Please send me your full name, application number and best contact number to so I can have this looked in to. It's certainly not the experience we want any of our customers to have!

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