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Team Travel Tips for banking overseas

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Posted by PeteW PeteW
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I reached out to my Bankwest colleagues and pulled together a bunch of #TeamTravelTips for our customers heading overseas this holiday season. Please give some Kudos if you like them and make sure you share your own tips below!


“Take more than one card with you and make sure you keep them separate.” – KarmaK, Enterprise Services


“Keep hold of your left over foreign cash when you get back – it’ll give you a kick start for your next trip Smiley Happy” – KristinaW, Customer Solutions


“Don’t rely on one source of funds. Take cash as well as a card to help cover you in case you lose one of them or there’s an issue with a restaurant’s EFTPOS machine for example.” – EleanorR, Group Credit


"Keep your Skype account topped up with some credit so if you need to call Bankwest, you can, using WiFi.” – JustinJ, Mobile App Development


"Consider one of our Platinum MasterCards. Your foreign transaction fees are waived (including online purchases so it’s great even when you’re not travelling) and you can use it anywhere MasterCard is accepted. It even has complimentary travel insurance (T&Cs apply of course Smiley Happy).” - Subiaco Store


"Keep important contact numbers handy (in your phone and your safe) in case you need to contact Bankwest about a lost or stolen card, MasterCard for emergency card replacement or cash, or your insurance provider.” – PeteW, Digital


"Let us know your travel plans before you go by using the Bankwest App so we can help get you set up.” – BrianP, Contact Centre


"Email your family members your itinerary so they’re aware of your travel plans, and check out before you go to get travel advice for the country you’re visiting to be informed and prepare for your travels.” – SarahF, Bankwest Forum


"Get a prepaid local SIM card to save some money on calls/text/data – but take your Australian one too just in case (just make sure you keep it safe).” – MeganB, Contact Centre


You’ll also find helpful info in the posts listed below from @LyndsC and yours truly.

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Re: Team Travel Tips for banking overseas

Posted by mayhewga mayhewga
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Some more tips gleaned from multiple trips to Europe each year (I use the Bankwest Mastercard Platinum to save OS fees):

Avoid using foreign exchange services either here or overseas (especially at airports), The fees and poor exchange rates make our already weak dollar even worse. ATMs are everywhere in most civilised places.


Currency exchange debit cards issued by banks, airlines, post offices etc here in OZ are an expensive way to carry money, and topping them up is expensive and messy. Most places accept credit cards where you would use these cash cards anyway. Merchants in Western Europe are perfectly happy to accept payment by credit card even for relatively small amounts (unlike the "minimum $10" we often see in Australia).


Use your phone app or internet banking to transfer funds into your Mastercard to pay out your balance and put your card into credit by the amount you are going to draw before drawing money out of ATMs, this saves cash out fees. (It's instantaneous so you can transfer and immediately withdraw).


Use an app like XE Currency to see the amount you need to draw in local/AUD currency to determine how much to transfer.


Be aware that many countries' EFTPOS machines will still require a signature even though you have used a PIN.

(no one checks the signature anyway, so its obviously just one of those things).



Watch out for hotels' or other merchants' EFTPOS machines which give the option for payment in either $AUD or local currency, always choose local to avoid doubled up conversion/foreign fees.


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Re: Team Travel Tips for banking overseas

Posted by SarahF SarahF
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Some great tips there @mayhewga Smiley Happy - I love using Easy Alerts when travelling (especially the foreign transaction alert) as then I get an alert straight away (or when I get wifi) showing how much the item I just bought cost in AUD. So good!

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Re: Team Travel Tips for banking overseas

Posted by mayhewga mayhewga
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A couple more things I have discovered in the last year or so travelling to Europe.


Firstly the complimentary travel insurance which is part of the Bankwest Platinum Mastercard is certainly worthwhile, as my wife had a fall in Paris, broke her prescription sunnies and received a deep gash to her face.

An ambulance trip (for us both, passing the Notre Dame no less) and stitches in a Paris hospital followed, and when we got home filled out the forms claiming the glasses and the hospital bill, and whithin weeks it was all settled, a very easy process.


The second discovery is that Europe has a sympathetic compensation scheme when it comes to airlines. We were bumped off a flight between Spain and Portugal due to overbooking, and were given a pamphlet outlining our rights, pointed to the service desk and given overnight accomodation, a new flight the next day and cash compensation by way of Visa debit card. The scheme seems to cover any European internal flights as well as those flights departing to or arriving from outside those European countries signed up to the scheme.



Re: Team Travel Tips for banking overseas

Posted by DanaeC DanaeC
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Great tips @mayhewga, thanks for sharing. Hope your wife has a speedy recovery!

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Re: Team Travel Tips for banking overseas

Posted by casten casten
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Yes, take more than one card with you. My Bankwest platinum got blocked after first transaction on my trip. Thank's bankwest for protecting my money from myself, see you.

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