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Rental Car insurance - Platinum credit card

Posted by Winno Winno
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I recently had to pay for two punctured tyres on a rental in America because Aliianz who underwrite the insurance said it was not covered.


I will soon be renting a car in the UK and I want to be sure I don't get stung again.


I have read the PDS

and the wording is very ambiguous, particularly this on page 43:


7. Rental Vehicle Insurance excess

We will reimburse you for any insurance excess or deductible which you become legally liable to pay in respect of a claim under the rental vehicle insurance during the rental period provided:

› the rental vehicle must be rented overseas from a licensed rental agency; and

› as part of the rental agreement you have taken rental vehicle insurance; and

› you have complied with all requirements of the rental organisation under the hiring agreement and of the rental vehicle insurer


What does the line in bold mean?

  • I must take rental vehicle insurance from the rental company rather than another insurance provider which is often cheaper?
  • What kind of insurance do I need to take -  fully comprehensive, third party, collision damage waiver?



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Re: Rental Car insurance - Platinum credit card

Posted by DanaeC DanaeC
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Hi @Winno, thanks for reaching out. I can definitely understand wanting to be sure here!


If you purchased your tickets prior to 01/10/2018, the complimentary insurance is provided by Allianz, whereas from 01/10/2018, Covermore will be the new providers.

You'll need to speak with either vendor to confirm the specifc details here, as even though Bankwest provide the insurance, we are not the underwriters and therefore aren't able to advise on this.

Covermore - 1300 468 340
Allianz - 1800 010 075


Thank you, and have a safe trip.

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Re: Rental Car insurance - Platinum credit card

Posted by ama21n ama21n
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To save everyone time, I took the initiative and rang Covermore, to confirm the cover. Perhaps next time, someone from Bankwest might like to proxy these sorts of queries Smiley Happy


To be eligible, you must either purchase "Motor Vehicle Insurance" or a "Damage Waiver" from either the rental broker/agency or from the rental company. This insurance will come in 3 forms:


1) Full cover with no excess, where you pay upfront a significant fee and if anything goes wrong you pay $0. In this case, the Bankwest/Covermore benefit is useless, as you're completely covered anyway


2) Partial cover with an excess <= $250. If the car is damaged, you pay up to the agreed excess (<$250). In this case the Bankwest/Covermore benefit is useless, as they will charge you their own $250 excess


3) Partial cover with an excess > $250. This is the only case where the benefit works, as Covermore will cover everything, but you need to pay their excess of $250


Hope this helps everyone Smiley Happy


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Re: Rental Car insurance - Platinum credit card

Posted by Moke Moke
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Covermore will not cover you for tyres or windscreens.

Top of Pg 51:


This benefit does not cover items such as, but not limited
to, tyres and/or windscreens if they are not covered by the
motor vehicle insurance or damage waiver purchased from
the rental company or agency.



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