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With y_ur help, we'll fill the g_ps t_gether.

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For the people on the receiving end, blood donations are the answer to life, the universe, and everything. Did you know one blood donation is needed every 24 seconds and donated blood only lasts for 42 days?


For years Bankwest colleagues have been donating blood in their personal and work time. Bankwest is proud to provide support to colleagues wishing to donate blood, allowing up to 2 hours paid short leave. This applies to whole blood donations as required, or for up to 4 platelet donations in a calendar year.


To share the awareness we asked some of our colleagues why they donate….


My own daughter received a number of blood transfusions during her leukemia treatment a few years ago. Now is time for me to return the favour! - Robert


My mother had a bleeding ulcer that ruptured and she lost a lot of blood, was only saved through donations. Donating is something that is easy for me (I know not for all) to do and is my way of paying back. - Cheryl


I first donated to find out what my blood type was. When I'd found out that I was AB-, I felt obligated (in a good way) to donate as much as I could. There's no argument to say "I don't want to donate" when I see how critical the rare blood supplies are at. - Christopher


I donated because when my dad was in hospital we had difficulties finding blood for him, no one should go through that. You can save lives by donating blood. - Rid


I'm O- and feel it costs us nothing but 1 hour of time to save someone's life so why not! :-) - Bruno


10 years ago I received 3 lots of blood after a routine appendectomy surgery went wrong - I initially started donating to "pay back", but I continue to do it because I'm eligible to do so, and someone out there is going to need a life-saving donation just like I did once... the more people that donate the more of a chance there is that someone's life is going to be saved. - Amy


I love to be able to help with what I can do. and saving lives is the ultimate gift, isn't it? - Ivy


Why do you donate?


People rarely think about their blood type – many of us don’t even know it, but your blood type is very important. Blood types determine what kind of donation is best to give and who can receive it, only 9% of the population have an O- blood, 10% have B blood and 38% have A blood.


Just like the missing letters from this post title, new blood donors of all types A, O and B have gone missing. That's why Bankwest colleagues are proud to help filling the gaps.


Keep donating what you can. Your donation will save lives!




For more information on donating blood visit

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