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PAN that starts with Zero (yep, another query)

Posted by Clangie Clangie
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Hi there


You are, by now, familiar with problems with PANs that begin with 0 since your system update.


I have had exactly the same problem compounded by the fact I look after my mother's affairs and whilst she is based in Australia, I am not.


On 15th Feb I called the international help number and we did manage to go through the system and re-set my password and through the person I spoke to on the phone, got in to the accounts I need to access.  I said, whilst on the phone, that I would then log out to just double check it would work.  It didn't.  I have a Mac. I then tried on an iPad. That did not work either. I had been able to access the system, with 0 at the beginning of my PAN, on my phone but then did not work either and then locked me out for trying too many times.  By that stage I had no idea whether or not I had re-set my secure code successfully or not as nothing appeared to be letting me in.  


Having tried to re-set my secure code online later, I kept getting a message (Friday 15th and Monday 19th) that IT maintenance was ongoing.  So I called again today (19th Feb) and I was then told that I could not have my secure code re-set over the phone as it was a security risk and I had to wait an undisclosed amount of time.  I then went back online, through my iPhone and changed the secure code and then tried to log in and could not.  So I tried online on my computer and changed my secure code again and still it would not work.


My mother is in hospital and I am running all her financial affairs (bills etc) from afar so this is now a huge problem for me.  I have no idea when I will be able to re-set by phone and have no means of establishing whether or not that will even work.  I am not able to go in to a branch.  


At this point, I do not even know whether or not my inability to get in to online banking, which is vital, is because the system is not accepting my 0 PAN or there has been an issue with my secure code re-sets.  


Is there anyone in IT or systems support I can contact about this because without even fully knowing what the problem is means I am no closer to resolving it and I am in something of a desperate situation.


Thanks for your help.



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Re: PAN that starts with Zero (yep, another query)

Posted by LyndsC LyndsC
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I'm sorry to hear of your experience @Clangie, and I'd really like to look into this further for you. For security reasons, we can't access or discuss any personal account information over the forum, so we'd need to speak with you over the phone.

If you can please send me an email to with your forum username, full name and contact number, I will arrange a call to look into this. Thanks

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