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reported lost of cards and it was still valid after 16 days

Posted by X1aoling X1aoling
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Hi ,

I contacted the Bankwest on 131719 @12:11pm on the 14th of August, 2018 to report lost of my wallet after I temporary locked my credit card on the app. I asked to cancel my current credit & debit cards and request reissue a new one. The phone call took 9 minutes that the male staff asked me several questions to identify my identities. I got told my old cards will be cancel and I should receive my replacement cards within 10 working days.


I was able to simply lock my Westpac & Commonwealth Bank cards: report lost of cards and reissue new cards on my phone using their apps. I received my new cards from Westpac and Commonwealth Bank after 2 days.


However, after checking my mail box for 14 working days, I still hasn’t receive my new cards.So I contacted the 131719 again yesterday @12:31pm. I explained that I reported lost of cards 16 days ago and still hasn’t receive my new cards. I also let the male staff know that I was very lucky to found my wallet, and my old cards were still in there. I got told that my old cards were still valid to use, and there was no reissue of new cards. Which mean I was waiting for 16 days for nothing!! What if my wallet was stolen and someone can easily use my credit card to paypass items for 16 days?


I was not happy and impress with the bank and I felt very unsafe to continuous using the Bankwest. I don't understand why would customers’ credit cards still be valid after the customer locked and reported lost or stolen of their cards? It was very lucky that nobody has found my wallet and use my credit cards. I am glad that I contacted the Bankwest again yesterday, and got told that my old credit cards were still valid so I could use it yesterday. Otherwise  poor me may still waiting at home, checking mail box and expecting new credit cards to be arrive for nothing.

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Re: reported lost of cards and it was still valid after 16 days

Posted by MegB MegB
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Hi @X1aoling, I'm so sorry this has happened and understand this is incredibly concerning and inconvenient. If you could please flick me an email with your Forum username, full name and best contact number, I'd like to have a specialist look into what's happened here.

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