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Improving resolution of suspicious transaction alerts

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Posted by thewinchester thewinchester
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So, last night I had to make a purchase to top up my Chicago-based public transport card, which has been flagged as a suspicious transaction (most likely because I'm not currently in Chicago, and haven't filed any international travel notification).


Now there's nothing wrong with the fact this transaction was flagged suspect, but there is something wrong with the process that was needed to resolve it.


Firstly, let's go back to the prior commentary about Bankwest's IVR back from March this year, when changes were made to it making it worse for customers. You have to go through three to four layers of menus, to speak to someone about your card, and the options aren't exactly clear about which is the best one to begin with.


Six months after these poorly thought out and executed IVR changes, absolutely nothing has been done to address or fix the concerns. The bank is more concerned about their needs when it comes to call routing, rather than the customers needs of having their enquiry dealt with efficiently.


Secondly, BWA Customer Service perplexingly uses Caller ID as an attempt to identify the customer record - which is a really *bad* method of security. CLID can be easily spoofed by those with technical know how, and as only a single identification question was asked to confirm the caller was indeed the customer (verbal password), this leaves the identification method open to those with nefarious intent. And that's to say nothing if the person also lost their mobile phone, and hadn't yet had the chance to cancel their service.


It's 2016, there's just no excuse for such a low level of customer verification being conducted. There's nothing stopping BWA using PAN and Phone PIN identification when the customer calls initally,


Thirdly, the issue is with the need to call in the first place. The bank has a complete mobile app platform, which supports push notifications. There's no reason why the app can't be developed to support clearing and management of suspicious transaction alerts within it. (ping @JustinJ)


And even then, when BWA gets around to improving the IVR for PAN/PIN authentication, it would be easy to insert a trigger that injects an announcment and option to handle it automatically. For example:


IF Customer has >=1 (Credit OR Debit) card

AND Suspicious flag = Y

THEN Play announcement ( "We've noticed a suspicious transaction on one of your cards, would you like my help to review details of this transaction and action it now?" )


And if the customer dials the number for yes, the IVR can lead them through prompts that read out the transaction details, and have the customer confirm if suspicious or expected, before sending the relevant signals to internal systems to resolve the transaction if the customer is OK, or escalate the call direct into the Credit Card fraud queues for prompt customer service (without having to navigate the IVR).


Forthly, the agent who took my call went through a whole level of unnecessary rigmarole and disclaimers when she heard I was using the speakerphone on my mobile to call them (when my phone was on my desk in a private office).


That was just unnecessary overkill, and added unnecessary minutes to the interaction. If I use my speakerphone to call BWA, i've made a conscious choice to do so, and I don't need a customer service advisor telling me of all people about the risks of it and having to accept liability.


BWA has a lot of opportunities to improve on the customer service front, but the glacial pace at which fundamental customer service issues are being addressed, along with other product issues, is making me further question my continued patronage of the bank. As it stands i've started to give serious consideration to my credit card business, which American Express seems set to steal given their high quality of customer service and substancially better loyalty offering (still understandibly bitter about the 33% drop in earning on the World card a few months back).


BWA really needs to get it together in the next three months, otherwise i'll be spending my January moving everything to another bank.

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Re: Improving resolution of suspicious transaction alerts

Posted by LyndsC LyndsC
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Thanks for sharing your feedback on this @thewinchester, I will be passing this on to our Contact Centre Management to review.

In regards to the issue you mentioned of being on speakerphone, while I understand the extra time spent advising you of risks may have been inconvenient, it is part of our processes and something we have a duty of care to do. While you were in a private office alone, this isn't always the case and we need to advise customers of the possibility of loss to their accounts if anyone else was to overhear the conversation which may include sensitive identification details only you would normally know.

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