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Card design

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Posted by cgm cgm
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How often does Bankwest change the design of its debit and credit cards?


If you don't like the current design of the Zero credit card, click here


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Re: Card design

Posted by SarahF SarahF
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We're constantly reviewing the look and feel of our cards @cgm and sometime last year we did an update to these cards however we have no immediate plans for any further changes in the near future. However I have been passing your feedback on from the other thread to our team so they're aware of this. ^Sarah

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Re: Card design

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Posted by thewinchester thewinchester
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I'd like to add my 2c in on this topic @SarahF, as I think BWA's card designs really need some work - specifcally on a couple of credit card products.


What BWA cards currently look good?

Firstly - let's talk positive. The best BWA card design i've seen to date is the Qantas Transaction A/c Platinum Debit card. It's a solid looking card, and makes great use of colour and space, and has the very light white twisted shapes running through the front and the back images which really make the design 'pop'. The yellow edge on the card also adds a nice touch.

The embossing on the back of this card is the only problem, and exhibits the same issue as the Qantas World Mastercard, which I'll discuss below.



What BWA cards, from my experience, have room for improvement?


I've just upgraded to the unpublished Qantas World Mastercard, and like the rest of the Qantas Mastercards - i've been pretty unimpressed with the look and feel. The higher end cards (Platinum, World) just don't have the look and feel of a premium card for these premium card products.


First thing I always notice is on the front of the card - where the left edge of the Chip and the BWA logo not being left alligned. It actually irks me every time - because this sought of issue stands out to me thanks to more than a few years of Marketing/Comms work.


Secondly is the colour. On the Platnium version of the card, the coloured BWA and Mastercard logo on the front of the card works well against the platinum background.

Thirdly is the rear of the card. It's pretty underwhelming. Also, the black card colour warps badly around the embossed numbering, and causes the white of the plastic to become really apparent unlike any other card i've seen. It makes the card look cheap and tacky.



What cards on the market would be great examples to base on for future designs?

So, are there any cards on the market I see as best in class and worth modelling future designs/changes on? Yes. They would be the Citi American Airlines credit card products, which I happened to see 'in the flesh' a few weeks ago.


Here's some images i've managed to source which show what the card looks like:




Overall, it has the look and feel of a premium card, for a premium account.

Firstly, is the card number - which is printed/etched directly on the card, and not embossed/raised (the Qantas Cash card is a great local example of how this is done). The trend of the majority of American banks in the last two years has been to drop the embossed printing of the card number from their credit and debit cards, Citi and Chase being the two biggest examples of this move.

Secondly are the security features. The magnetic stripe on the card is both the mag stripe, and the Mastercard holographic security logo/lenticular.

Thirdly is the Mastercard logo on the card, which is done in a silver foil, and not coloured or printed on the card.

On the World card however, the coloured version of the Mastercard logo really doesn't work, and actually looks out of place compared to the rest of that cards colour scheme.


Fourthly is the coloir scheme - it's entirelly monotone. No gaudy or out of place colours. And this is across the entire card, right down to the signature panel.

I'm sure there's more examples out there of best in class credit cards - and if anyone has some examples of ones they've seen, it would be great to share them here.

Note: If you're going to upload an example image, make sure any important information is redacted from the photo (i.e. ensure you hide or appropriately obscure the card numbers, CVV, expiry dates and the customer name). Last thing I'd want is anyone misusing that card if they were actual active account details.

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